Experience a new learning ecosystem

We offer solutions to develop learning ecosystem that facilitate growth, connections, and learning.

Humanistic: connecting professionals

Humanistic goes the extra mile to transform learning events into sustainable high-performance habits.

Humanistic develops organizations that are constantly learning

With the right help, all individuals have the power to make a change or grow a specific area of activity.


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Our Way

Our way develops key skills, increases commitment, boosts performance and creates meaningful professional journeys in your organization.

We sustain organizations by going the extra mile to transform development events in performance-based habits.

In all individuals and in each ecosystem, there is potential that can be transformed into talent.

Our ecosystem consists of…..

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About us

Learning Design  

Design experiences that matter to you. 

We design customized development and learning events that engage all learning styles and fit your culture.

Organizational Transformation

Transform your organization using relevant impact analyses and let the change become everyday practices and habits.

We offer and develop all the necessary tools, to increase the organization’s efficiency and to sustain all changes that could result in benefits for your business.

Training Delivery

Grounded in proven business practices.

We create and deliver learning experiences involving skilled facilitators and also professionals with significant business exposure.

Internal Comm

Engage in your self actualizing journey

We give a meaning, a direction, emotions and a link between HR Programs and the personal reality.

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Contact us

For more details, contact us!

Iulia Buciuman

Iulia Buciuman
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Madalina Nacu 
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Filip Marinica-Grando

Filip Marinica-Grando
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