About Us

About us

About Us

Our Philosophy

We develop organizations that are constantly learning from day-to-day activities


Humanistic was created with the strategic objective of helping organizations to develop their own custom learning ecosystems, systems that help employees use their talents in everything they do. In a learning ecosystem we will develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and align values that can enhance performance and bring results in the business environment.


For Humanistic, everyone in the system counts


E All individuals have the power to make a change or grow a specific area of activity, and, by doing so, to create a domino effect with a positive impact on the whole team. Teams will interact and change other teams from the ecosystem, thus increasing the company’s performance.


Your employees do not live in the void, but they are part of different ecosystems consisting of projects, informal relationships that develop, day to day activities, the way in which information gets to them, procedures, previous experiences...and, these are only a few of the ecosystem’s parts.

As results tend to be more and more connected by intangible and invisible points, we at Humanistic try to offer solutions to develop this ecosystem and to facilitate growth, connections and learning.


When preparing an intervention, be that a training, an event or a development process, we take our time to understand the information from the past, what could trigger the organization needs to create this ecosystem, and how would it sustain the program in the long term.


The Process


The method that we at Humanistic are using brings consistency and innovation to the idea of personal development.


We are continuously working with the managers to earn their trust and support. We care about the context and their realities, we design the learning process based on people’s learning styles, as well as their personal beliefs and motivations. Our programs start from the person’s realities and try to offer a coherent and business relevant experience.


We support the organization, and we are willing to go the extra mile, in order to transform learning events into sustainable high-performance habits.

What we offer


Humanistic is an ecosystem that connects professionals with experts who share the same goal: helping the organizations that want to be constantly learning and developing.

Our team consists of:


To find out more about our team, contact one of the partners

Iulia Buciuman
Managing Partner
During Buciuman Julia professional experience includes eight years in the area of training and organizational development in multinational companies in the field of
Mihai Zant
Managing Partner
Over 10 years experience in managing teams and communities both in corporate environment and start-ups (Sales, Marketing and HR). Executive MBA graduate and now associate coach...