The process

Through our approach, we facilitate customer objectives at individual, group and organization level by addressing 3 key questions. & Nbsp; We use the answers to the 3 questions to create, through a consultative approach to performance a healthy ecosystem in which employees are developing and have results:

What? - Aims to answer key information that triggers performance: strategy, process and content of the job.
Why? - Targeting cultural norms, beliefs and motivational aspects that impact the performance persons.
How? - Ask what are the essential skills that allow people to act effectively in their job.

Below are some examples of actions and interventions that we make at every level. Our projects targeting the 3 questions in each

  • Training skills
  • Learning bits
  • Action learning solutions
  • Learning solutions among colleagues
  • Individual study guides
  • E-Learning
  • Team building
  • Sessions outside the classroom
  • Climate & Culture Study
  • Assessment & Development Centre
  • Individual sessions & group coaching
  • Internal Events
  • Focus groups
  • Internal studies
  • Strategic Design
  • Competences Mapping
  • Audit & process redesign
  • Internal communication programs