Creating experiences that really matter to you

We conceive courses and customized learning events to fit the company’s organizational culture and all participant’s learning types. All training sessions are practice-based and have business-proved results.

Our facilitators have all the professional experience and the business exposure so much needed for this type of activity.

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Our expertise

Classes that involve hot topics such as Leadership, Customer Care, Communication, Sales, as well as personal and organizational development.


We offer consultancy for HR processes


We offer consultancy for HR processes and talent management, services that include cultural studies and plans assured with the expertise of our colleagues from Talent Keepers.


Organizational audits on various topics are created with internally developed tools and in partnership with other professionals using models that have scientifically proven applicability. We are fully certified in SHL methodology for assessment and development programs. We provide consultancy in the process of performance management, focusing on sales and sales indicators, with the expertise of our partners at Sales Coach.

Internal comm

Promoting self-awareness and the sustainable growth

All programs and interventions, if not supported by a correct communication plan, will remain plans on a piece of paper. Together with you, we offer and implement, communication plans that show the full image, giving a purpose and a direction.

Our programs reconnect the HR programs to the job’s realities.

  • Our programs reconnect the HR programs to the job’s realities.
  • Promoting self-awareness and sustainable development


With more than 10 years of experience in creating action plans, developing and deploying engaging programs, we have accumulated a significant experience in the field.


Engagement or motivation is defined as the cumulus of efforts made in order to increase the organization's engagement. It comprises the factors directly connected to the leadership in an organization, the working environment, the jobs and the relation with the persons in charge.

Our solutions include: Employee Engagement Roadmap, Employee Retention Roadmap, engagement studies, control studies, 360 degree studies, motivation level studies, tools to improve the relations between departments.

Another important point in increasing the engagement are leadership training on well-targeted themes such as:

  • How to build teams through trust
  • How to communicate changes and procedures
  • How to become an expert in retention, etc


For the full list of courses and events, please contact us.