Virtual Working Skills

We believe solidarity is the only real universal response that needs to flourish in these turbulent times. And we want to show our solidarity by offering a free webinar to help you and your company to better prepare for virtual working settings.


Virtual Working Skills  - 31 March from 15-17 , on Zoom. 

Being in isolation, working from home, dealing with incertitude in our life, can add pressure and panic, but most of it will imply a new set of skills and a new reality that we, as humans, need to figure out ASAP.

We know these days you are installing VPNs, you are checking infrastructure, you are measuring risks and you are looking for alternatives for your children home-staying while thinking about business continuity plans.

And if all these is not enough… because who knows what enough is, we also have ourselves to manage: our fears and our skill gaps. This is a good moment to remind us, that we are, all, just HUMANS.  And working remotely is a whole new skill that we need to work on, and to prepare for. And it should be as important as the infrastructure these days...

We will need to work with a new mindset, and acquire a new skill set.

Not only for the Covid situation, but for all future situations where proximity will be a challenge, we should also start preparing today. 

Join us for a free virtual workshop to learn the basics of virtual working and communicating while working from home.


Learning objectives:

  • Conf call presence

  • The meeting structure design

  • How to conduct a virtual meeting

  • Interactions methods for generating feedback and responsibility

  • Control need vs facilitation need in a virtual meeting – making sure everyone in connected

  • Tips and tricks to be a good participant in net-etiquette


Participants : Anyone working remotely can attend; share it with your friends, with your colleagues, with your manager, with everyone that can find it useful and with whom you want to have the same “virtual language”. Let’s help each other and sustain each other better!

We will announce new groups and new hours if this is the case.


Technical Requirements:

  • Zoom account – good internet connection

  • Connect from a noise free environment

  • In order to participate, please complete the form bellow:

Because we want to offer a seamless experience, we will limit the number of participants  according to infrastructure constraints, so please wait for your “attendance” confirmation after signing up.

For any questions or requirements you can contact us here :


Duration : 2 hours

When : 31 March from 15-17 - GMT +2

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