Support Group Coaching for Managers

If you are a people manager, join us each Wednesday to our group coaching session. We feel the pressure that uncertainty, lack of control, tight decision making, emotional pressure, business-family-own health responsibility is putting on yourself.
We will keep the space for you to have a clear mind, full heart and resourceful connections to better navigate these turbulent times.

We will tackle emotional management, stress and resilience, or any emotions that you want to share or direct.

Mind :
We will follow your thoughts and expand your perspectives

We will bring together managers from different companies with different issues to create a bounding community and a space of human support and trust.

If you are a manager and you have something on your mind, heart or with your business that you would need help to solve, or you are just curious what would be a different perspective to your situation, join us by filling the form in the ticketing area.

When : each Wednesday at 11

How: on Zoom

Sneak peek : based on the group characteristics we will work and share specific issues that this situation brought to you; you will recive a questioner in orderto better group people with issues

We will confirm your participation after you complete the form bellow:


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