How to Really Work from Home

Bubbling Conversation Series

In our Bubbling Conversation Series, we intend to invite members or friends of our community, respectable professionals in their field or clients to share their best practices with you. COVID 19 Crisis or not, we believe in empathy, collaboration, mutual support and inclusiveness as future skill needs in any work environment.

This is meant to be an authentic interview series that will unfold based on your questions and contributions.

  • What we plan to cover in this particular session:
  • Tips & Tricks of working from home ( from a person who is doing that for more than 8 years )
  • Challenges and limitations
  • Managing your focus, balance and productivity
  • Learning .... and leave some space to spontaneity!

Duration: 1.5 h

Platform: Zoom

Investment: Free of charge 

Sooo, book it in your agenda, have your spot ready and follow the page for news !

More about our guest:

Petre Bica - Learning Consultant

  • 15 yrs of entrepreneurship in training, consultancy, IT and e-commerce
  • 8 yrs of instructional design and Digital Learning
  • over 10.000 persons trained online or offline
  • over 200.000 persons impacted globally by our designed programs
  • over 120 companies as clients
  • 15 industries where I have worked as trainer, consultant or tactical coach
  • over 75 training programs built
  • over 8 yrs of working from home
  • 2 kids and a dog, changed country and remote entrepreneurship (current challenges that seem relevant for this period)
  • international Lean Six Sigma - expertise applied at home also :)

Enrole here: 

We will confirm your place in a couple of days.


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